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. Duration:55 mins··. Price:$70

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. Duration:1 hr 55 mins··. Price:$130

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23 reviews
  • Philip Heyman·

    I just had my first lesson with Peter. I am very impressed and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to study with such an accomplished and celebrated master.

  • Kenny·

    Peter is inspiring to work with, thanks!

  • jasonrovak·

    Awesome first lesson and looking forward to more!

  • Ned Avery·

    I just had a 2 hour, Deep Dive, jazz piano lesson with Peter Stoltzman and it was time and money well spent. I’m a retired band director and developing my jazz piano playing is a part of my retirement plan. Peter has taught Saturday morning jazz piano for the Gift of Jazz so I had 24 classes with him a few years ago. Yesterday I got new ideas and a better focus on what and how to practice. He’s a young master teacher.

  • Mike Chipman (Chip)·

    "Dr. P" is pure genius. I've been playing for over 40 years now (YIKES!!! Where does the time go?!) and I've sat with, literally, dozens of piano instructors. Peter is simply the BEST! His ability to delve into the mind his students, determine their level, access their strengths/weaknesses, and equip them to reach the next level is unparalleled. His keen perception of various genres is extremely impressive, allowing him to understand the composer's intent when performing and re-arranging pieces in different styles and various occasions. I can go on and on--in a nutshell, Dude is a ROCKSTAR!!

  • Jonas Peterson·


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